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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunset Roll


Tuna (thinly sliced)
sushi rice
yaki nori
cucumber (cut lengthwise stick)
unagi (cut into lengthwise)
Japanese Mayonnaise
Sesame Seeds (tossed and mix)

-Place the nori on the bamboo mat with the shiny smooth side facing downwards.
-Place the rice in the centre of the nori then spread it evenly over and leaves about 1cm margin of nori along the edge furthest
- Turn it over the rice
-Lay the unagi, cucumber and add Japanese mayonnaise then roll it.
- Put sliced tuna on the top of the roll, then press with bamboo mat so that the tuna will stick on the rice
-Cut into 8 pieces.
- Garnish with mayonnaise, sesame seed and Masago on the top of the roll

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